Meet the Authors


Meet Gracee

I am Gracee, the oldest. I was born in March 2011; I am a straight-eared Scottish Fold -- orange, cute and fluffy. But just because I am cute and just less than 8 pounds, doesn’t mean that I am a push over. I tell the others what to do….hssss…spat. I have to be fearsome so they respect me. And they do, they respect me. Really. Now when it comes to people….red alert! If they might be ok, I sit at the top of the second floor stairs and watch them; but if they aren’t ok, I dive under the bed covers and wait until the danger has exited. View Gracee's Posts.



Meet Inkee-Bear

I am Inkee-Bear.  Some say my name should be Mellow-Purr-Bear because I take life as it comes.  I was born in April 2011 or three weeks after Gracee.  I am a silky, midnight-black, straight-eared Scottish Fold weighing in at almost 13 pounds.  I was very sick when I first went to my forever home but my meowmuh and the lady Doc saved me.  I purr most of the time but always when I think of them. View Inkee-Bear's Posts.



Meet Sophee

I am Sophee; my registered name is Ms. Sophista-Kat. I am a calico, straight-eared Scottish Fold born in January 2012. I have the same father as Inkee-Bear and the same mother as Gracee. I might be the smallest but I have the loudest purr…I weigh less than 7 pounds. I love to play and let all of the other cats groom me. View Sophee's Posts.



Meet Spirit

I am Spirit, the youngest, strongest, most intense and active of all the cats in my family. I am a silver Egyptian Mau with black spots weighing in at just less than 13 pounds. I was born in November 2012 in Wichita, Kansas; I flew from there to my forever home in Los Angeles. Life is so exciting, isn’t it? I love meeting people, learning new things and having my tummy tickled. I run all the time….up and down the stairs, through the house and on my new cat wheel.  View Spirit's Posts.